Rent a track car

Rent a track car


  GT86*  BMW325


5 laps





Personal stop watch 100€  80€
Nano-Endurance 120€  99€
SuperLap 100€  90€
Formula 1 qualification 180€  149€
Open milage 4,62 €/km  3.70€/km

Prices above are per person and include VAT.

Track operator remanins the right to change the prices without notification.



Race track experience with Toyota GT86.

Toyota GT86, which is probably one of the best sports cars of recent time, is the official track car of auto24ring. Toyota GT86 from year 2012 carries Japan's cutting-edge technology with excellent manoeuvrability, being rear-drive sports car with a 2 litre and 197 horsepower engine. Accelerating from 0-100km/h in 7 seconds.

It is possible to rent Toyota GT86 for driving on a mileage basis as well as for different driving experiences.

It is also possible to  rent  BMW325. Service provider is our partner TT Motorsport.

The rental price includes:

using the car
all expendable materials.

 The lessee will be liable for any and all damage caused to the car by the acts or omissions of the driver or third parties. Any failures caused by normal wear and tear or use will not be included in the lessee's liability.